Maximize Your Campaign

  • Find the right audience

  • Send an appealing and friendly campaign

  • (Optional) Follow up at the door

Continue reading below to find out more.

1 – Find The Right Audience

We will help you find the right audience by using our sophisticated dataset. Here are some great datapoints to select when defining the audience which we will find, and send your campaign to:

  • Home value above a specific target
  • New homeowners/recent move-ins
  • Recently built homes
  • Incomes over a target value

2 – Send an Appealing Campaign

After you have reached the right people, make sure your campaign resonates with your audience. Here are suggestions to include in your first campaign

  • Make an offer: First service free; free add-on; percentage off on new accounts
  • Introduce your technician that will provide the service
  • Leave an expiration or respond-by date

3 – Follow up

Now that this is on your audience’s mind, they may need a friendly follow-up. Here are some great ways to do so.

  • Send another mail campaign reminding them of the respond-by deadline
  • Introduce yourself at the home; have your technician or sales rep visit the addresses which you have sent your offer to, and let them know you’ll be in the area doing the services soon

These steps are a winning method to easily get more accounts and grow your pest control business. Get in touch with us today to get your Jumbo Mail campaign started as soon as possible!